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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Negatively Quaint

Being a teenage of 21st century one surely get buzzes having an iPhone or an Android tablet. This cloud of technology not only shadows teenagers rather it equally rains over our adult community. Our fathers desire luxurious cars, precisely tailored coats & keep au fait with latest exchange rates, waiting to strike gold. Even our beloved mothers constantly search eBay to get hands upon discounted L'OrĂ©al products & while preparing meal they often lose temper, asking (rather ordering) their husbands to have an air conditioner fixed in probably the most sultry yet highly visited part of house. Superficially, it may appear that Pakistanis are ‘technology welcomers’ & trendy enough to be called progressive; but be not hasty for I haven’t yet discussed the murky, regressed & negatively quaint nature of our nation.