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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bogus Love and Baloney Lovers

Playing a prank is easy especially when your are dealing with a benighted yet zealous horde pushed to streets not by devotion but to carry out destruction perhaps because this alone is their favourite cup of tea. In a not-so-learned city like Faisalabad one evening while returning from work I came across a group of children (12-16 years old); one grasping Israel’s flag & the other a bottle of petrol. This enticed my sense of humor and I approached them inquiring what they are about to do (hell! I do know the answer already). “We are going to burn Israeli flag”, replied the oldest child, not calmly though. “But this is a Afghani flag, you know the same Afghanistan where Mujahids are fighting Jihad against Americans”, I chirped in. Extremely confused he looked around his fellow comrades  who appeared none the same. They started talking among themselves. Out of their gibber my ears picked the word ‘shopkeeper’ and now it was my turn to get confused. “Are these enemy flags sold?” I asked. “Yes, we bought it for 8o rupees plus the petrol”, again the oldest answered, this time quite calmly. On the contrary my mild confusion downlinked into raging anger, not for the children but for the shopkeeper who was able to play trickery in the curtain of Ishq-e-Rasool.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Salve Of Critical Thought

Ever seen a leadership from the commoners of the Pakistani nation? Surely you are correct if you answer this with a big NO. After Jinnah and Iqbal there were none, for even Z.A.Bhutto was a feudal lord and nonetheless reigned supreme among the rank and file spheres of various ministries under General Ayub.