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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Salve Of Critical Thought

Ever seen a leadership from the commoners of the Pakistani nation? Surely you are correct if you answer this with a big NO. After Jinnah and Iqbal there were none, for even Z.A.Bhutto was a feudal lord and nonetheless reigned supreme among the rank and file spheres of various ministries under General Ayub.
Contemporary politics in Pakistan may seems utterly void of due capacity yet our nation keep milking this dry udder. Little do they realise that such action will get them nothing but will kick off the milking stool!
So to get  rid of all this dross and dead wood disguising as supreme politicians I and Youtube will put forward some hand picked videos which in a way may provide salve of critical thought for people to rethink and reshape their ideals of what our future captaincy should look like.
Imran Khan boldly facing international media:

Gallery below demands high internet speed to function properly, if you encounter any error refresh your browser.

The second video with the Julian Assange is a must see. Both personalities are kind of rebellious to corrupt ruling parties.


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