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Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Need Of References

Take a peek at your Pakistan Studies textbook, navigate to the end of any chapter and an expert’s eye will catch something missing...references! A book, read by millions of Pakistani students, officially endorsed by our authorities, fails to give chapter and verse on a subject; a subject(history) that is extremely sensitive and highly relative. Students are then encouraged to take everything written in this book as granted and adopt silence in the name of patriotism and in the face of seniority. For whoso blindly embraces the validity of such textbooks and replicates it generously in his or her exams is likely to outdo those who question the questionable and seek what should be answered. Thus, begets a mindset, a myopic, a grotesque mindset with a desperate appetite for spiritual fakery brimmed with westbound conspiracies.

This appetite, though, remains appealing throughout the year; reaches its extreme in the holy month of Ramadan when religiously provocative surrealism is heavily bought by the consumers having the very mindset mentioned above. For instance, take a look at the following picture, two things are worth to be noticed - the number of likes  and shares. I mean a flying (or hovering) stone in the middle of a renowned Arab dynasty and no scientist taking it worthy enough to be researched! Believe me even the folks at NASA can’t find anything more intriguing than this, at their latest expedition to Mars where the gravity is 2.6 times less than that of Earth. Now the likers equalling +20,000 are not only the buyers of this sham but a significant portion of them (~700) are the sellers too. Thus, forged yet piously miraculous to many, this photo is destined to receive immense and exponentially growing popularity at the hands of those Muslims trying to earn a bit of ‘Sawab’. Prestige in their social spheres which is henceforth gained by appearing more of an evangelist, will be the icing on the cake.

This cheap habit of accepting and spreading any ‘Islamised’ information (false it may be) engulfs even the bearded cricketers! You don't believe me take a look at the picture below. How meticulously the uploader (taking advantage of the previous Ramadan) has tried to sell religious falsehoods; but woe to us Muslims that he is successful in getting a decent amount of customers, who are happy to live with this lie and eager to welcome it with bouquets of ‘MashAllah’, ‘JazakAllah’... Just day after the same uploader shamelessly (how irritating) admitted that his information is wrong; but adhering to his obsession to make everything Islamised reported that Amla didn’t drink or eat anything while playing match. Looking at his past credentials, how authentic is the latter I leave it to readers to figure out.

Our love to Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) need not be supported by photoshopped hoaxes and non-referenced blogs. You may not foresee but half-witted actions like these will produce a very downtrodden image of Islam. Validate and re-validate before sharing, messaging or telling something to your mates especially when it relates to your religion. If you can’t control your emotions and can’t use your common sense the world will look upon your religion as joke, with you being a frantic joker!


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