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Friday, April 6, 2012

Benazir, Education & the India Partition

The entitlement of the late Benazir Bhutto as the Prime Minister of Pakistan set new standards in the political environment. The first Muslim female to rule the country was by all means a stunner to the Muslim republics & monarchies throughout the world. The carrier of this charismatic, highly educated & extremely bold lady had a sad ending but political affairs are not the subject of this article rather we will discuss Benazir’s educational reforms.

Video reflects the boldness of the late Benazir Bhutto

The real surprise came with the annulment of Quota system in Pakistan's universities. This was the Female Freedom in educational sphere because before this, females had fixed & limited seats in professional educational institutions (engineering, medical...). This projected our country as modern & progressive; qualities which aren’t so easily available in third world countries let alone Islamic countries! Benazir should now had concentrated upon improving education quality & bringing it close to western standards; the very standards she had been taught but regrettably she failed to do any such thing & the books so carefully crafted in Zia’s era remain on the shelves, oozing out falsehoods in the name of history & nationality.

This failure along with the antiquated ‘learn by heart’ style of Pakistan’s education converted Female Freedom into female flocks upon flocks entering professional institutions most notably medical universities. Apparently this would have created a strong women work force but little did Benazir knew that the bold & daring traits that she possessed weren’t reflected in the female masses of our country. These female flocks like the pious sheep are more accustomed in living within a barn (char dewari) under the stronghold of their supervising farmers (husbands). Ultimately, this superfluity ended up in conjuring an idle female doctor majority not busy in handling patients but handling their children & husband, as Allah will be pleased by the latter & not by the former humanitarian practices.

The mistake of not recognising behaviouristic psychology of the South Asian Muslim masses & wrongly acknowledging them as astute & progressive was not only done by Benazir but before her the same was done by an equally well-learned & bold personality namely Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Founder of the Pakistan, Jinnah, after a great deal of political, economical & social struggle did succeed in acquiring Pakistan but he didn’t know how would his followers (political leaders of Pakistan) would be labelled with:

  • Fake educational degrees

  • Money laundering

  • Fake electricity, gas bills

& what not...

Jinnah failed to realise that Pir Muridi, Zamindari, Martial law & external forces would play havoc on this would-be blessed Pakistan & only a leader of an equal caliber to Jinnah is needed to keep this country afloat. He failed to realise that country votes are dictated by uneducated masses influenced by elite classes of feudal landlords. After Liaquat Ali Khan such farsighted leaders only existed in pipe dreams & for more than 65 years our country faced excessive internal & external turmoils.

These turmoils were predicted in 1946 by an Indian personality whose name & speeches are scrubbed away from our history books; little do we know that he was a religious scholar who possessed great intellect. He alone resisted the idea of partitioning India in two states giving flawless clues of what will happen in the absence of leaders like Jinnah & Liaquat. So witness in the following video the truth, though unbearable it may seem:


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