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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Educational Celebrities

It is a great honour  that you have thousands of Twitter & Facebook followers & that you are the person so admirably & eagerly observed as the role model of teenage masses. Nay! I am not talking about Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) neither I am talking about Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger). I am talking about those rare intellectual beings that are no less than above mentioned celebrities with regards to popularity, though may not be that rich!

Yes the names like Ali Moeen Nawazish, Zohaib Asad & Sitara Akbar are & should be regarded as living shimmering trophies besides the much revered 1992 world cup. Insofar it can be ascertained, that such achievements do create a temporary heyday spirit in our youth which are otherwise busy in sullying country leaders for hike in petrol prices, no electricity, no gas etc...

Apart from the goodwill & respect that these ‘Educational Celebrities’ have so rightly earned, it is time that they enter the realm of realism where the rules of game are dictated by cunning variables, so cunning (& may be clandestine) that before this article no one has tried to instill the rightful duty in the hearts of these ‘Educational Celebrities’; but then again no one has ever came across the musings of a Chemical engineer.

Place a world map in front of you & start marking where can America attack & certainly conquer the land (even after heavy losses). Middle East gone, Japan gone, China gone, hell! whole of the NATO gone what remains & will never be deterred by US forces is the mighty Russia (aka Bear). If one has a strong history knowledge (& preferably defence know how too) he will not even in the slightest terms will disagree with me. Question is why he will not disagree, answer is  defence technology.

Open up Google & start searching for universities that offer defence technology programs like rocket engineering, nuclear engineering, hypersonic/supersonic combustion technology & you will find that in most of such programs no foreigner is accepted, isn’t that cunning! On the other side, conventional educational programs that will allow you to earn millions in the future like medical studies, business studies, agriculture, fashion, environmental studies are open to everyone, with loads of scholarships, isn’t that cunning!

The PAK FA is one of only a handful of stealth jet programs globally

The reader by now may be confused or at least thinking that the writer (me) is stupid; but here lies the gist of all this:

The safeguard of the country can never be bought!

Look at Saudis they can’t make an ingenious dagger & thus they buy billion dollar worth of war machinery by US, we can definitely say their protection is on rent! Now look at China apart from buying (& copying Soviet technology), they have also started opening up domestic technical platforms & worthy students are more than welcome there. Plus they also send worthy students to Russian/Ukrainian universities to get acquainted in perhaps the most complex sciences (aka defence technology).

With regards to our country & our worthy students i.e ‘Educational Celebrities’ I haven’t come across anyone that has discussed such technologies openly. My appeal to them consists following advices:

  • God has bestowed upon you Einstein-like brains use that in a scientific manner & not in commercial manner
  • With outstanding & not so common grades, you have a great probability to be accepted in foreign defence sectors without any hitch
  • Ask support from Pakistan’s defence institutions (PIEAS, KRL, NDC, PMO...) & they will hook you up in foreign institutions & will care for you
  • Your parents will be worried & they have all the reasons to be worried because in defence sector you will not be getting loads of green bills, nor you will be allowed to be active at social networks (A.Q Khan, Andrei Sakharov, Sergei Korolev are few examples)
  • Ask support of fellow countrymen & we will support this entirely selfless endeavour

It may be acrid of me but it seems that patriotism & nationality shibboleth has nothing to do with these intellectuals. Many students getting Cambridge A’s are accustomed in joining business studies & little do they care about (or they aren’t aware of) hard-nosed facts.  I can recall Hassan Nisar (the only outspoken Pakistani journalist) who says that the concepts of patriotism are vague for elite educated class simply because wherever on earth they set foot, it becomes their homeland, rest is just romanticism. It is yet to be seen in relation to ‘Educational Celebrities’ that after scoring unusually elevated grades & being cordially admitted in foreign universities they might opt for an immigration visa for their family. Sitting in a cozy European apartment they probably will join the overseas-Pakistani ‘twittering’ class, writing Pakistan should do this & this....that certainly would be cunning!


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