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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who, What, Why…

The tile of this blog may well be the most self-explanatory one in the sense that the parts of this compound title ‘khanz’ & ‘musing’ gives the name of person & the mission he is up to.

I go with the alias ‘Ioncube Khanz’ on the cyber world, what my real name is not that important; but the cause for initiating this blog is crucial to Pakistani teenagers, students & educators. What I will be talking about covers a spectrum of problems that haunts our teenagers in the areas of

  • Education
  • Nationality
  • History

& many other things that are of secondary importance.

This blog will only share my perspective of my beloved country Pakistan. You may agree or carry on besmirching what I write here but I will try my best to give an unbiased and unadulterated account of what is happening around us. My musings will stare deep into the social aspects of our country men & women in relation to their growing animosity towards the ruling elite; but the virulence don’t end here…

I am a man (though technically I should be taken as teenager) that had experienced an essentially domestic social heritage as well as extraneous western signals. Yes, I was brought up in the similar manner as billions of Pakistani are: the Mullah, the Madrassah, the white pious cap upon my head & the dotted red shawl over my shoulders.

The only intellectual (can be taken as fortunate) thing that happened to me when the choice came for my primary school. Thank God! That my mother chose what the people call an ‘Anglicized’ form of education system instead of those ‘Islamized’ school systems. More about it will be covered in the coming musings.

Having answered the ‘Who & What’ part last thing remaining is ‘Why’. It will be a long story but in a concise form: as I got more & more wits I came to know that people around me (mostly teenagers) are acting & believing in an ‘otherwise’ manner. The cumulative naivety which I also possessed previously but in an overgrown teenager can be regarded as idiocy! This idiocy is the driving force of starting this blog in an attempt to flush their minds with a low pH acid (remember I am Chemical engineer) in order to instill some intellect in their otherwise simpleton minds.

So this is the glimpse of what this is all about. This blog in a nutshell will be the collection of my musings trying to surpass the conventional norms of culture so blindly & comfortably tied with flamboyant words like faith, honour & religion.