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Monday, April 2, 2012

Benchmarking Religion-Introduction

Our religion Islam is what I have been told is the ‘complete code of life’, now it is up to me that I (like many others) take it for granted & join the masses in their superiority complex, with regards to religion. The word ‘complete’ here may mean two things:

  1. Complete...like ‘The End’ which is written at the end of a story book
  2. Complete...like ‘Encyclopedia’ where you can find each & every thing examples are Britannica, Wikipedia etc.

Now before opting for either of the meaning one must realize that he can’t find Sulphuric acid formula in Quran neither can he find Alchemy in Quran so what exactly we mean by quoting this socially accepted but awfully misunderstood proverb  ‘complete code of life’.
A common Muslim like many will avoid giving any answer because that would be blasphemy & a Satanic way, as this sole responsibility lies with the religious scholar who alone posses a sound brain to understand what Quran really means. This alone impedes any will of a common Muslim in trying to understand Quran himself, but guess what will be the aftermaths of this personal endeavor:

  • The takeover of mosques by an intellectual breed of engineers & doctors
  • The now attention-seeking & faith-curing Mullahs out of their job
  • The annulment of the days of free butter & cheese, offered to the chubby Mullahs usually by local people in lieu of Allah’s mercy.
  • The Mullahs running vainly in search of jobs and rent houses, both of which were previously provided in the face of mosque

If you can understand Calculus, if you are an engineer or a doctor ask yourself how come you not possess that ‘sound brain’ that the Mullah possess. How much will it be difficult to understand your own religion & find solutions to your own problems? Is it that Mullah’s has struck a clandestine deal with God to make religion less & less comprehendible for Muslims, in order to secure their nifty jobs?
Hell! I can understand calculus, I have done engineering... such blasphemy (as they term it) must be done & should be executed by intellectuals only & preferably youth.


The series namely ‘Benchmarking Religion’ will be periodically published on this blog will put our conventional religious interpretations to test. With firm belief that our religion stands only for truth & justice, we will try to understand how then in modern world it fails to address spectrum of problems that engulfs us in

  • Social justice
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Health


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